Investor Relations

Soft factors such as image, reputation and trustworthiness play a key role in investor relations, but unfortunately their significance is often underestimated. It is essential to communicate with investors, shareholders and partners in an atmosphere of trust, in order for their capital to generate returns. Shareholders can be effectively convinced with an excellent annual report: this is not just the calling card of your company but at the same time the ace up your sleeve in share marketing.

Whether interim reports, newsletters or ad-hoc announcements – when it comes to investor relations news you can count on our expertise. Because we have had many years of experience, particularly in the highest discipline of all financial reporting and communication: the annual report. We are specialists in preparing financial reports and in controlling the processes of the realisation phase. Our wealth of experience is based on over 90 publications that we have successfully managed over the past ten years. We are especially proud of our ongoing top position in the “Best Annual Report” ranking of “manager” magazine (Spiegel Group).

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