Online Marketing

What we do:

Up-to-the-minute design and web technologies including SEO text
Alongside a contemporary design for your website and use of state-of-the-art web technologies, we also offer search engine optimisation. Because what use would even the most excellent website be if no one ever found it?
A Content Management System (CMS) offers you the possibility of taking care of your website yourself. You can usually learn how to do this in a 4-hour seminar. Content, such as images, is automatically optimised and generated in keeping with your CI and a predefined grid.
We normally work with the leading CMS system TYPO3 in the latest version.

Assessment of user behaviour
For website monitoring we swear by Google Analytics – one of the best analysis tools on the market. This enables us to evaluate infinite amounts of information and answer such questions as, for example: Where is the user from? How long has the user been on the site? How often do users click and where do they exit the site? etc...

Well-aimed, cost-efficient and performance-oriented: we offer performance-oriented online marketing that guarantees payment in line with performance. For this we use such tools as Google AdWords. What that means for you: your advertising appears free of charge beside the Google search results whenever a user enters a key word in the search mask. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad!